HW07: Jelly Bags

Refactor existing code to support polymorphism. Read these notes:

Jelly Bags

The existing code is on delenn. Copy it to your own directory (keep the . at the end of the command):

mkdir csci221/hw07
cd csci221/hw07
git init
cp /home/jeckroth/csci221/jellybags/* .

This code will build & run, but the last part of the main file, which executes a function, does not correctly use polymorphism. This is because the classes are not designed in a way that uses inheritance and virtual methods.

Your task is to update bag/set/magicbag/bean .h and .cpp files so that polymorphism works, and the main file gives the desired output.

Here are the requirements:

  • JellyBag should be the parent class. The others are child classes of JellyBag. A JellyBag just holds JellyItems in no particular order. Repeats are allowed.
  • JellySet eliminates duplicate values.
  • JellyMagicBag is the same as JellyBag except when iterating through values (using next()), the order is random.
  • JellyBean can only hold zero or one JellyItems, so adding a second item removes the first.

When you rewrite the classes, you must maximize the benefit of inheritance: do not write any extra code in the child classes that is not absolutely required. Call on your parent methods. Note, sometimes your child class will define a method like add() that must call the JellyBag version of add(). To do so, you must write JellyBag::add() in the child method because if you just write add() then the child method will call itself infinitely.

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