HW07: Text Adventure

Create a text adventure in which the player can move around the rooms and pick up / drop items. The player should be able to see the items in the room and list items in his/her inventory.


Here is a class diagram for the design:

Class diagram


Create a main file that contains the main function, in addition to the class files. In this main function, do this:

  1. create room objects
  2. link the rooms
  3. create the player
  4. put the player in the starting room
  5. create items
  6. put items in the rooms/player

Then the game loop should basically be: while(p->handleInput()) where p is the player.


You must have at least:

  • 10 rooms, each with a title and a description, and all rooms must be connected somehow
  • 1 player
  • 5 items, which can be picked up and dropped in rooms

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