Group project notes

Boo the Human Dependency Tracker (Boo)

- Slack
- GitHub + Issue tracker

Team 1: GUI frontend (Qt-based), talks to DB
- John
- Ryan
- Dearvis

Team 2: QR generation, QR scanning (Webcam+OpenCV probably)
- Hans
- Brandon

Team 3: Database (SQLite or MySQL or ElasticSearch etc.)
- Hayden
- Jesus
- Mason

Team 4: QA (create bug issues in bug tracker)
- Hudson
- Kyle

- Mon Apr 10:
  - Deliverables (features) for 2-5
  - UML diagram
  - List of requirements/features

- (T2) Create QR codes
  - (T3) Record code ID in database, with user info
  - (T3) Adds user to event table
- (T1+T2+T3) Scan QR codes and register a checkin
  - (T3) User, date/time, checkin
- (T1+T3) Define activities
  - (T1+T3) Define dependencies among events
    - A has to happen before B
- (T1+T3) List people who have / have not checked in for particular activity
- (T1+T3) List events a particular person has/hasn't checked in for

- Cannot demand a meeting within 72hrs
- Meeting times (weekly):
  - Mon: 4pm
  - Fri: in-class
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