Group project notes

Get Cultured! @ http://mycultural.events

Git repo: https://github.com/StetsonMathCS/MyCultural.Events


  • from now to end, I will take attendance (10% of overall grade)
  • each person will have a specific task
    • so each person is responsible and graded on something
  • 3 pts per deliverable (=15 pts), plus 5 pts group evals, adds up to 20pts (20% of overall grade)

Service description

  • frontend:
    • website, probably single page, with a form:
      • first name
      • email
      • expected graduation (semester, year)
      • # of cultural events needed now
      • preference for events (keywords)
    • shows page, responds to form
    • saves form input into sqlite database
  • backend cultural events crawler:
    • finds cultural events notices, saves in db
  • backend periodic emailer:
    • reads db for events and people who need events
    • generates periodic emails and sends them

Groups & tasks

  • frontend:
    • HTML/CSS & C++ code to generate it (like with Cgicc library)
    • save into sqlite database (insert)
    • Mikhail, Nick, Mohammed, Greg
    • Michael, Greg: Cgicc
  • backend cultural events crawler:
    • RSS crawler
    • consider https://pugixml.org
    • saves to database (insert)
    • Mikhail, Mohammed, Michael, Heyley
    • Mikhail: RSS library
    • https://github.com/zeux/pugixml/tree/master/docs/samples
  • backend periodic mailer:
    • checks database for anyone who needs an email
    • logic for choosing who needs an email:
      • Heyley
    • sends an email
      • sendgrid, HTTP requests
      • consider http://www.curlpp.org/
    • Yazeed, Isabel, Mikhail

Server access

We’ll run everything on (aka, http://mycultural.events/)

You will each have a user account, same as your londo username. You can write code on that server. All required C++ libraries are already installed, and example working code and Makefiles may be found in the directory /home/ubuntu/examples. A Cgicc example is running here: http://mycultural.events/completedemo.cgi. Note that Cgicc programs should be named “foobar.cgi” rather than just “foobar”.

CSCI 221 material by Joshua Eckroth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Source code for this website available at GitHub.